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Ahead of the 2 Pop Noire nights curated by Savages happening at the beginning of May in London, this is the new episode of Jehnny Beth’s Radio show presenting some of the bands performing on these nights and concentrating on music she has been discovering while on tour.

Featuring: No Bra, HTRK, Mount Kimbie, Atlas Sound, ZZZ’s, A Dead Forest Index, Le Vasco and Jimmy Scott.


5th May @ Shacklewell Arms (£6 entry)
A Dead Forest Index
Bashan (Gemma Thompson - Savages)
Savages (DJ set)

6th May @ Birthdays (free entry)
Le Vasco
Johnny Hostile & Jehnny Beth (electronic set)
Le Vasco
Sable Noir
Romy xx (DJ set)

Introduction words by Charles Bukowski on a music by Duke Garwood.
Photo by Jonathan Pilkington

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